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Session 79, We talk gaming and review two great titles from Pelgrane press

Session 79, recorded on Sunday August 5th , 2012 971-266-4335 General Nonesene; Conan The Barbarian on the big screen. Super Hot here in Portland, more Audio failings, Trek in the Park ect. ect.   This Week in gaming: More DnD next

Session 61, Revised, Interview with Planning to Fail

Hey Guys, Sorry about the issue with the last version of this post, I am going to try it again .. so here… we… GO!! ———————————————————————————————————– Hey Guys, We have another great show for you, This week we have an interview

Session 59, Within Devils Reach , interview with Josh Mannon

Hey Guys, This week we have a great interview with Josh Mannon, the man behind the Within Devils Reach Kickstarter   We also chatted about Session 59, 3/15/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- This week in gaming- ┬áPrecipice Misc- Crocheted beholders Hobbit pub

Session Four, DDXP, special guest Teos, and more

Yay!! Its session four time. This week we talk Angry Birds, Wyrd Miniatures, Ex illis, Paizo, Exalted, various RPG games, and of course DDXP all with our special guest from Ashes of Athas Teos ( @alphastream on twitter ). Not to