Episode 204

Join us for acclaimed games, great RPGs and the best in kickstarters! Not to mention, questions from you, our listeners!

Ha’Fortnight in Nerddom, Sennight in Sorcery

Gaming News:

DMs Guild Masterpiece
Theme song by Michael Iachini

Pickstarters: [K] Kenna and {R} Rich

Listener Questions
Theme song by Michael Iachini

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Episode 185 with Teos Abadia

This episode we interview Teos Abadia (aka Alphastream). You may have known him for his role in Ashes of Athas; or his con events like Confrontation at Candlekeep and Vault of the Dracolich. But today we talk about him about his latest adventure for Dungeons & Dragons – the exclusive Cloud Giant’s Bargain, given only to attendees of the PAX West 2016 Acquisitions Inc livestream Fathom Event!

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Gaming News:

DMs Guild Masterpiece
Theme song by Michael Iachini

Interview with Teos Abadia [Twitter] [Website]

Pickstarters: [K] Kenna {R} Richard & *T* Teos

Episode 161

We have been RPGing up a storm! D&D! Pathfinder! Phoenix! We never stop! Except for when we get our hands on some fun new board games! Some BIG tabletop news to cover this week. Along with some kickstarters we are in <3 with!

Don’t forget to hit that Pickstarter poll! We want to see what your favorites are!

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two SennNights in Sorcery

Tabletop News:

Kickstarters: Pickstarter Picks: [K] Kenna & {R} Richard


  • NoBeardPirate: Do you support buying games in retail locations as opposed to online markets such as Amazon? Sometimes the savings are too good.
  • NoBeardPirate: what is your favorite Kickstarter board game you have backed?
  • ftcup: Paizo releases a lot of content, and we all assume {R} is up on all of them. What are you looking forward to most?
  • TheDapperDM: What’s your favorite board game to play outside? Assume we’re talking about Portland, so covered, but no protection from “breezes”
  • Alphastream: If you could go to one bar from any movie or tv show, which would it be?