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Session 81, Mikey Mason Interview

Session 81, recorded on Friday August 17th , 2012 971-266-4335 General Nonesene; Hot as shit This Week in gaming: Interview- Mikey Mason Misc- Dice tools from A Walk in the Dark Studying Failure: What I Learned from a Kickstarter That Failed

Session 80, Interview with Jacob Wood and a couple reviews

Hey Guys, Session 80 is up for your listening pleasure   -Justin   Session 80, recorded on FridayAugust 10th , 2012 971-266-4335 General Nonesene; Tonight Pirate night at the sapceroom, Got a Job,   This Week in gaming:   Interview- Jacob

Session 79, We talk gaming and review two great titles from Pelgrane press

Session 79, recorded on Sunday August 5th , 2012 971-266-4335 General Nonesene; Conan The Barbarian on the big screen. Super Hot here in Portland, more Audio failings, Trek in the Park ect. ect.   This Week in gaming: More DnD next

Session 78 Special Guest Shads of Alter Ego Society, Dominon and Lorefinder Reviews

Hey Guys, We are still fighting audio issues.. but we have the show up for your listening, please keep with us, we are getting closer to getting this all fixed.   thanks, Justin   Session 78 7/26/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- Guest Shads

Session 77, W00Tstock, SDCC, Reviews and Skull Crackers

Session 77 This week’s news coverage is very abbreviated as we had an interview with the always excellent Shawn Merwin, and two reviews for you. Week in gaming- Dungeon Command, Enlightened Grognard, National Puzzlers’ League (Link 26, Why Can’t I Own A Canadian?, Unspeakable Words),

Session 76, Midgard Beastiary Interveiw

Session 76 7/10/12, 971-266-4335 Misc. Hacklopedia t-shirt Heroclix Tabapp announced Board and Card Swordfish announced Cryptozoic summer tour and the stops for the tour Ascension- Immortal Heroes announced with another preview Miniatures Mage Knight Revenge canceled Heroclix Assassin’s Creed announced The