• Session 63, Bar Tabs, Kickstarters and RPGS

    Hey Guys, Thanks for dealing with us being late.. and hopefully this will make up for it ( likely not ) but anyway enjoy it as much as you can anyway..   Thanks, Justin     Board and Card Lords of the Rings: Nazgul pushed back two weeks Descent, second edition previewed Ugg-tect announced Zenescope’s […]

  • Session 58, We talk our home gaming, Game of Thrones, and Kickstarters

    Hey Guys, Thanks again for checking us out.. this is what all we talked about General News Dice games from WotC Faction specific dice for MERCS Zman games goes only Diamond and Alliance for distribution Hasbro lays off 170 employees. Effect on WOTC unclear Board and Card World of Warcraft themed Risk ( Summer release) […]

  • Session 54, Interview with Tim Eagon and a contest

    Hey Guys, we got a chance to chat over skype with Mr. Tim Eagon and it was fantastic , also we announce how you can win a copy of “Heroes of Elemental Chaos” somewere in the show.. or at least i think we did.. This week we also talked about Show Open Session 54, 2/8/2012, […]

  • Session 52, We return with reviews on Heresy , Helldorado, Effigy Miniatures , and Thunderstone

    Hey Guys, By the time you get this we should already be on our way to , or at DDXP, we will talk more about that later.. but first a birthday Video of Ian from the Doubleclicks show recorded by Teos, with Permission from the Doubleclicks.. Thanks guys   Video will be back up later, […]

  • Session 37, We talk gaming news from Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande , Dungeons and Dragons and more

    Hey Guys, This week we have some more exciting news for you , also during the break and the outro of this week are songs from the Browncoat Mix Tape By Adam Warrock.. Check it out, it is a great hip hop album News Rotten Harvest Wyrd Painting contest Card/Board Pokemon TCG: Black and White—Noble Victories due out […]

  • Session 30, Some Gen Con News, Starwars Gaming News, and cosplay ogres

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay I figured out what the technical difficulties were and now the show is up.. Please enjoy and let us know what you think. Misc news; GW might be switching paint companies Metal d6’s from Q-Workshop in the dwarven style Ennie Award winners have been announced Game Salute.com Covers the […]