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Session 46, Ghost Pirates Review, Gaming News, and stuff

Show Open Session 46, 11/30/2011, (971)-266-4335 General Nonesense –, we are now on stitcher radio!!! Geek trivia This week in gaming- No real gaming, been working on my Eldar, Procured deadfleet, General News Hero Games down to one person Cubicle 7 has posted a preview video of World

Session 30, Some Gen Con News, Starwars Gaming News, and cosplay ogres

Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay I figured out what the technical difficulties were and now the show is up.. Please enjoy and let us know what you think. Misc news; GW might be switching paint companies Metal d6′s from Q-Workshop

Session 26, The Return of Honey Badgers, Llamas, gaming news and Dungeons and Dragons

Hey Guys, Welcome to session 26,  now with updated links           FFG looking for Associate Graphic Designer and Customer support associate           GW offers Rerolls for large purchases          

Game Night Carnival Month 2, Warhammer:Invasion

Welcome to the new Game Night Blog Carnival!  This is a new feature we’re doing once a month with a few other RPG blogs.  If you have an RPG blog, and would like to participate, check out the FAQ at the main Game Night page.

Session 17, Wonder Northwest, new themes for Dungeons and Dragons, and May of the Dead Part 2

Hello Boils and Ghouls, Welcome to Session 17 of the Going Last Podcast, were we step away from the grave to talk games. This week we mention a post by IDDM , the Heroclix online beta, as well as previews of

Session 15, Gnomish Seamen, Street Fighter Hero-clix, Miniature News, and Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome Welcome to another session of me and Ian chatting about gaming. This week we took a chance to talk about Mortal Kombat 9, Full House Poker, Warhammer Invasion, Leverage, Rune Age, Red November, Mansions of Madness, Chaos in the old