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Session 60, We chat GameStorm 14, and our interview with Mike Selinker

Hey Guys, We have an awesome show for you , we talk about GameStorm 14, and we have an extra special interview with Mike Selinker , We also give a little news and our normal local events chat We played/ran /saw

Session 54, Interview with Tim Eagon and a contest

Hey Guys, we got a chance to chat over skype with Mr. Tim Eagon and it was fantastic , also we announce how you can win a copy of “Heroes of Elemental Chaos” somewere in the show.. or at least i

Session 44, Another contest, Ian Smells bad, and Heroes of Feywild review

hey Guys, Thanks for checking out our podcast, I hope you enjoy .. this is what we talked about this week   General News Transforming Baneblade Magic has Doubled since 2008 Ticket to Ride will soon be an IOS game Ubisoft bringing Assassin’s

Session 35, Miniature, Board game, Card Game, Terraclips review

Hey guys, Welcome back to another episode of the Going Last Gaming Podcast, this week not alot to talk about , we got a couple of voicemails and chat about Terraclips News Ect. RPG now is having a 10th anniversary sale Board/Card

Session five, Games Workshop, White Wolf, Dungeons and Dragons, Godzilla, and of course metal sharks bathed in fire

Howdy, I am glad to say after some minor recording and other various technical difficulties we were able to get the podcast recorded and it is not up and ready for your consumption. I have altered the bit rate and a