Episode 191

Holidays are approaching, and thanks to some great questions from our listeners, we dive into Games to Give as Presents! We’re also excited for expansions for board, card and role-playing games we like. Plus, kickstarters we wish were as good as they could be. All this and more!

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Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Gaming News:

DMs Guild Masterpiece
Theme song by Michael Iachini

Pickstarters: [K] Kenna and {R} Richard

Listener Questions:
Theme song by Michael Iachini

Episode 180

Keith Baker [creator of Gloom, Eberron and the upcoming Phoenix: Dawn Command] has fought his way past the minotaur, out of the labyrinth and back onto the show for another episode of game and kickstarter reviews! We check in on the next best Ticket to Ride, theorize what a The Godfather game could possibly be, and get our ice cream trucks revved up for their final showdown!

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Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Gaming News:

Kenna’s Licensing Korner

Pickstarters: [K] Kenna & *K* Keith

Episode 162

Rich and I have been gaming up a storm, thanks to Jonathan H. Lui of GeekDad.com! We got to try several kickstarter games that aren’t out yet and some new games that are freshly out. As always we also have plenty of tabletop news, kickstarter reviews and listener questions – so let’s jump into it!

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Tabletop News:

Kickstarters: Pickstarter Picks: [K] & {R}


  • BoardGamingTables.comWhich is a better game night? Getting to play several 30-60 minute games or paying one 3+ hour game
  • Ryan: If you weren’t lucky enough to catch Rich’s rad panel at PAXDev or RCCC, what books does {R} recommend for game/conflict theory?
  • Michael Iachini: Do you prefer Codenames with 4 players (1 guesser per team) or big groups (multiple guessers)?
  • Jesse Ferguson: What are your favorite two-player dueling games? [K] mentioned one last week as her favorite KS game, but other than that one?
  • Alphastream: Best RPG edge-of-your-seat moment… and how did the DM or adventure make it so exciting?