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Session 65, Saw Blade Crossbows, Shadowrun, and more DnD

Welcome to Session 65, Glad you came back.. here is what we talked about this week. General Nonsense Someone Made a star Trek Phaser that really stuns Crossbow that shoots saw blades Misc. Adepticon 2012 player breakdown Monte Cook leaves D&Dnext

Session 26, The Return of Honey Badgers, Llamas, gaming news and Dungeons and Dragons

Hey Guys, Welcome to session 26,  now with updated links           FFG looking for Associate Graphic Designer and Customer support associate           GW offers Rerolls for large purchases          

Session 22, Geek Olympathon wrap up, Dungeons and Dragons playtests, and a lesson in podcasting late nights

Hey Guys, Yes, Yes, yes, I know I didn’t do session 21′s post, however i am doing this one.. Right now.. as I type to you .. This weeks sessiong we talk about the Geek Olympathon, Star Trek Expeditions, Seven Dragons,