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Session 59, Within Devils Reach , interview with Josh Mannon

Hey Guys, This week we have a great interview with Josh Mannon, the man behind the Within Devils Reach Kickstarter   We also chatted about Session 59, 3/15/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- This week in gaming-  Precipice Misc- Crocheted beholders Hobbit pub

Session 57, Smallworld IOS, Free RPG Day, Paizo at GenCon

This week in gaming- Clockwork, Food fight, Smallworld General News At the Hard Boiled Megg Show on Etsy you can get Meeple Earings Baldur’s Gate Tabletop Forge settings can now be saved on the cloud Dungeon Mapp for the Android Board and Card New Killer Bunnies Expansions Ghost Pirates has

Session 52, We return with reviews on Heresy , Helldorado, Effigy Miniatures , and Thunderstone

Hey Guys, By the time you get this we should already be on our way to , or at DDXP, we will talk more about that later.. but first a birthday Video of Ian from the Doubleclicks show recorded by Teos,

Session 29; Eclipse Phase Love with Octopuses, Monkeys with laser knives, and Red Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons

I am sure those of you at GenCon are having a blast , we wish we were there with you .. but the news never stops and this is what we chatted about this week. Neverwinter trailer;  Knights of Badassdom;   

Session 27 , Dark Harvest Review, Lord of the Rings RPG, and new great Dungeons and Dragons articles

Hey Guys, Another great week of podcastery up for you .. this one even includes a monkey… well maybe not.. but it would be cooler if it did.. wouldn’t it.. anyway this week we chatted about the following list of things.

Session 26, The Return of Honey Badgers, Llamas, gaming news and Dungeons and Dragons

Hey Guys, Welcome to session 26,  now with updated links           FFG looking for Associate Graphic Designer and Customer support associate           GW offers Rerolls for large purchases