• Session 55 Unicorn City, Small World Underground, GURPS Conan and more

    Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out Session 55 of our show.. I hope you enjoy it General Nonsense- Unicorn City, Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter Trailer Pirates at the space room This week in gaming- Small World Underground, Urm , Precipice General News Hasboro Nabs “ StarTrek” License Catan Taking Beta Testers for “The Rivals of Catan” for iOS Board and Card Wizkids is Reprinting Mage […]

  • Session 45, Dungeon Mapp Review, Thanksgiving, and Gaming News

    Hey Guys, Check out our local game store in its new location Knightfall Games 9955 SW Bvrt-Hillsdale Hwy Suite #230 Beaverton, Oregon 97005 503-626-9067 On this weeks podcast This week in gaming- Epic Game, Precipice, ect. General News Greg Leeds, president of WotC responds to petition to change MtG organized play New d10s from Irondie Pathfinder Online is announced Cubicle 7 […]

  • Session 35, Miniature, Board game, Card Game, Terraclips review

    Hey guys, Welcome back to another episode of the Going Last Gaming Podcast, this week not alot to talk about , we got a couple of voicemails and chat about Terraclips News Ect. RPG now is having a 10th anniversary sale Board/Card Ticket to Ride Asia , ready for Pre-order Elder Sign from Fantasy Flight is […]

  • Session 33, PAX catch up, Dungeons and Dragons Mega Review, Gardmore Abby, Modenkainen’s Magnificent Emportium, Neverwinter and more DnD Reviews

    Hey guys, This is our Post PAX catch up special, hope you enjoy -Justin   PAX recap News Warlord Games Buys BEF Miniatures Board/Card Risk Legacy announced Timeline from Asmodee The Silver Tablet Print on demand expansion ready for Mansion of Madness Miniature Ogre Kingdoms, available for pre-order Orge Stronghold has some pictures of the […]

  • Session 29; Eclipse Phase Love with Octopuses, Monkeys with laser knives, and Red Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons

    I am sure those of you at GenCon are having a blast , we wish we were there with you .. but the news never stops and this is what we chatted about this week. Neverwinter trailer;  Knights of Badassdom;    Nexus Games going Away Another preview of Super Dungeon Explore minis;  WizKids , Hogwarts […]

  • Session 27 , Dark Harvest Review, Lord of the Rings RPG, and new great Dungeons and Dragons articles

    Hey Guys, Another great week of podcastery up for you .. this one even includes a monkey… well maybe not.. but it would be cooler if it did.. wouldn’t it.. anyway this week we chatted about the following list of things. –          Fantasy Flight Games has 5 position open now –          Fantasy Flight , Blood […]