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Session 59, Within Devils Reach , interview with Josh Mannon

Hey Guys, This week we have a great interview with Josh Mannon, the man behind the Within Devils Reach Kickstarter   We also chatted about Session 59, 3/15/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- This week in gaming-  Precipice Misc- Crocheted beholders Hobbit pub

Session 42, with Special Guest Teos, and a great interview with Thomas Mason

*11/08/11 Hey Guys , Justin checking in and wanting to clear something up I am not sure what went wrong, but Rusted Heroes site is working fine, i suspect it was an issue on my end and you should defiantly go and check

Session 37, We talk gaming news from Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande , Dungeons and Dragons and more

Hey Guys, This week we have some more exciting news for you , also during the break and the outro of this week are songs from the Browncoat Mix Tape By Adam Warrock.. Check it out, it is a great hip

Session 20, French History, Fantasy Flight Games, and Manga Gaming!

Hey Guys,   My Lazy butt has finally gotten around to getting all this together for you . This week we opened the show by talking about Geek Trivia,  DC announcement, the Session 13 Update,  Pirates of the Caribbean and the Board game Carnival. After that

Episode 12, Wondercon Wrap up, Battlestar Galactica, Honey Badgers, and dungeons and dragons

Hey Guys, We had a minor flub with our comments section and lost a couple of comments, but the lost comments were read and appreciated .With that i give you Session 12 of the Going Last Gaming Podcast we start off talking about