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Session 80, Interview with Jacob Wood and a couple reviews

Hey Guys, Session 80 is up for your listening pleasure   -Justin   Session 80, recorded on FridayAugust 10th , 2012 971-266-4335 General Nonesene; Tonight Pirate night at the sapceroom, Got a Job,   This Week in gaming:   Interview- Jacob

Session 79, We talk gaming and review two great titles from Pelgrane press

Session 79, recorded on Sunday August 5th , 2012 971-266-4335 General Nonesene; Conan The Barbarian on the big screen. Super Hot here in Portland, more Audio failings, Trek in the Park ect. ect.   This Week in gaming: More DnD next

Session 75, Teos Interview, and gaming news

Session 75 7/6/12, 971-266-4335 This week in gaming-    Precipice Misc.- Game Crafter steampunk design challenge Pathfinder goblin plush We Love Fine D&D shirt design contest D&D Next video contest ENnie Awards dream date Board and Card- Video overview for Heap Custom meeples

Session 73, Monte Cook Interview and some news

Session 73 6/25/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- Joe Cornish to Direct Snow Crash Misc.- Warhammer 40k 6th edition Rule books to come out June 30th Dungeons And Dragons 3 Trailer Board and Card- Smash Up Rulebook is not only and ready to check out

Session 72, Just another week of gaming news

Hey Guys, Here is session 72 for your ear holes.. and this is what we talked about     Misc.- CLANG Board and Card- Carcassonne will be Exclusive to Alliance Fantasy Flight Games to rerelease The Adventurers Magic is the largest

Session 65, Saw Blade Crossbows, Shadowrun, and more DnD

Welcome to Session 65, Glad you came back.. here is what we talked about this week. General Nonsense Someone Made a star Trek Phaser that really stuns Crossbow that shoots saw blades Misc. Adepticon 2012 player breakdown Monte Cook leaves D&Dnext