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Session 55 Unicorn City, Small World Underground, GURPS Conan and more

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out Session 55 of our show.. I hope you enjoy it General Nonsense- Unicorn City, Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter Trailer Pirates at the space room This week in gaming- Small World Underground, Urm , Precipice General News Hasboro Nabs “ StarTrek” License

Session 35, Miniature, Board game, Card Game, Terraclips review

Hey guys, Welcome back to another episode of the Going Last Gaming Podcast, this week not alot to talk about , we got a couple of voicemails and chat about Terraclips News Ect. RPG now is having a 10th anniversary sale Board/Card

Session 30, Some Gen Con News, Starwars Gaming News, and cosplay ogres

Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay I figured out what the technical difficulties were and now the show is up.. Please enjoy and let us know what you think. Misc news; GW might be switching paint companies Metal d6′s from Q-Workshop

Session 25, Happy 4th of July, and Gaming News

Hey Guys, Another action packed episode of gaming goodness. This week the first thing we bring up are some Awesome D20′s , followed by Warlord games looking for a Graphic designer, a Canadian company buys Z-Man Games, World Works games moving

Session 23, AEG’s new Ninja L5R boardgame, Occulites are Cute, and lots of miniatures

Hey Guys, Another week , and another Session of the Podcast for ya. This week we started off kinda, babbling about nothing, then we started into talking about Enlightend Grognard, then onto news from Fantasy Flight Games: Wings of War, Catalyst

Session 22, Geek Olympathon wrap up, Dungeons and Dragons playtests, and a lesson in podcasting late nights

Hey Guys, Yes, Yes, yes, I know I didn’t do session 21′s post, however i am doing this one.. Right now.. as I type to you .. This weeks sessiong we talk about the Geek Olympathon, Star Trek Expeditions, Seven Dragons,