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Session 76, Midgard Beastiary Interveiw

Session 76 7/10/12, 971-266-4335 Misc. Hacklopedia t-shirt Heroclix Tabapp announced Board and Card Swordfish announced Cryptozoic summer tour and the stops for the tour Ascension- Immortal Heroes announced with another preview Miniatures Mage Knight Revenge canceled Heroclix Assassin’s Creed announced The

Session 72, Just another week of gaming news

Hey Guys, Here is session 72 for your ear holes.. and this is what we talked about     Misc.- CLANG Board and Card- Carcassonne will be Exclusive to Alliance Fantasy Flight Games to rerelease The Adventurers Magic is the largest

Session 59, Within Devils Reach , interview with Josh Mannon

Hey Guys, This week we have a great interview with Josh Mannon, the man behind the Within Devils Reach Kickstarter   We also chatted about Session 59, 3/15/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- This week in gaming-  Precipice Misc- Crocheted beholders Hobbit pub