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Session 74, Gaming news, phone calls, and Review of Dark Harvest; Resistance

Hey Guys, Here are the show notes from this week. Special thanks to our callers this week, you guys rock.   -Justin Session 74 6/28/12, 971-266-4335 This week in gaming-    Gaming at Teos’s, Precipice Misc.- Blast burn and smoke markers from Litko Board

Session 52, We return with reviews on Heresy , Helldorado, Effigy Miniatures , and Thunderstone

Hey Guys, By the time you get this we should already be on our way to , or at DDXP, we will talk more about that later.. but first a birthday Video of Ian from the Doubleclicks show recorded by Teos,

Session 40 , The Doubleclicks, Signal Fire Studios Contest, and a badger

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out the podcast, here is what we talk about inside. During the break we play a great song from The Doubleclicks, for more of their music and information about them click here!! News Signal Fire Studios Tweet

Session 37, We talk gaming news from Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande , Dungeons and Dragons and more

Hey Guys, This week we have some more exciting news for you , also during the break and the outro of this week are songs from the Browncoat Mix Tape By Adam Warrock.. Check it out, it is a great hip

Session 27 , Dark Harvest Review, Lord of the Rings RPG, and new great Dungeons and Dragons articles

Hey Guys, Another great week of podcastery up for you .. this one even includes a monkey… well maybe not.. but it would be cooler if it did.. wouldn’t it.. anyway this week we chatted about the following list of things.