• Session 74, Gaming news, phone calls, and Review of Dark Harvest; Resistance

    Hey Guys, Here are the show notes from this week. Special thanks to our callers this week, you guys rock.   -Justin Session 74 6/28/12, 971-266-4335 This week in gaming-    Gaming at Teos’s, Precipice Misc.- Blast burn and smoke markers from Litko Board and Card- Cryptozoic has announced details about the DC based Deck building game due […]

  • Session 52, We return with reviews on Heresy , Helldorado, Effigy Miniatures , and Thunderstone

    Hey Guys, By the time you get this we should already be on our way to , or at DDXP, we will talk more about that later.. but first a birthday Video of Ian from the Doubleclicks show recorded by Teos, with Permission from the Doubleclicks.. Thanks guys   Video will be back up later, […]

  • Session 40 , The Doubleclicks, Signal Fire Studios Contest, and a badger

    Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out the podcast, here is what we talk about inside. During the break we play a great song from The Doubleclicks, for more of their music and information about them click here!! News Signal Fire Studios Tweet @sgnlfirestudios or @BenMund, Call us, E-mail photos of your Lovecraftian costume, or let us […]

  • Session 37, We talk gaming news from Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande , Dungeons and Dragons and more

    Hey Guys, This week we have some more exciting news for you , also during the break and the outro of this week are songs from the Browncoat Mix Tape By Adam Warrock.. Check it out, it is a great hip hop album News Rotten Harvest Wyrd Painting contest Card/Board Pokemon TCG: Black and White—Noble Victories due out […]

  • Session 27 , Dark Harvest Review, Lord of the Rings RPG, and new great Dungeons and Dragons articles

    Hey Guys, Another great week of podcastery up for you .. this one even includes a monkey… well maybe not.. but it would be cooler if it did.. wouldn’t it.. anyway this week we chatted about the following list of things. –          Fantasy Flight Games has 5 position open now –          Fantasy Flight , Blood […]