• Session 65, Saw Blade Crossbows, Shadowrun, and more DnD

    Welcome to Session 65, Glad you came back.. here is what we talked about this week. General Nonsense Someone Made a star Trek Phaser that really stuns Crossbow that shoots saw blades Misc. Adepticon 2012 player breakdown Monte Cook leaves D&Dnext Weird things going on at Barnes & Noble and Amazon   Board and Card […]

  • Session 63, Bar Tabs, Kickstarters and RPGS

    Hey Guys, Thanks for dealing with us being late.. and hopefully this will make up for it ( likely not ) but anyway enjoy it as much as you can anyway..   Thanks, Justin     Board and Card Lords of the Rings: Nazgul pushed back two weeks Descent, second edition previewed Ugg-tect announced Zenescope’s […]

  • Session 61, Revised, Interview with Planning to Fail

    Hey Guys, Sorry about the issue with the last version of this post, I am going to try it again .. so here… we… GO!! ———————————————————————————————————– Hey Guys, We have another great show for you, This week we have an interview with Benjamin of Revolver DMS about their next project, Planning to Fail, and we covered all this […]

  • Session 58, We talk our home gaming, Game of Thrones, and Kickstarters

    Hey Guys, Thanks again for checking us out.. this is what all we talked about General News Dice games from WotC Faction specific dice for MERCS Zman games goes only Diamond and Alliance for distribution Hasbro lays off 170 employees. Effect on WOTC unclear Board and Card World of Warcraft themed Risk ( Summer release) […]

  • Session 55 Unicorn City, Small World Underground, GURPS Conan and more

    Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out Session 55 of our show.. I hope you enjoy it General Nonsense- Unicorn City, Abraham Lincoln Zombie Hunter Trailer Pirates at the space room This week in gaming- Small World Underground, Urm , Precipice General News Hasboro Nabs “ StarTrek” License Catan Taking Beta Testers for “The Rivals of Catan” for iOS Board and Card Wizkids is Reprinting Mage […]

  • Session 45, Dungeon Mapp Review, Thanksgiving, and Gaming News

    Hey Guys, Check out our local game store in its new location Knightfall Games 9955 SW Bvrt-Hillsdale Hwy Suite #230 Beaverton, Oregon 97005 503-626-9067 On this weeks podcast This week in gaming- Epic Game, Precipice, ect. General News Greg Leeds, president of WotC responds to petition to change MtG organized play New d10s from Irondie Pathfinder Online is announced Cubicle 7 […]