Episode 179

With Rich on the road, we have an opening for a guest house – enter Keith Baker! We get gaming insights from the creator of Gloom, Eberron and the soon to be released Phoenix: Dawn Command. He has some strong feels – especially about PEPPER!

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Gaming News:

Kenna’s Licensing Korner

Pickstarters: [K] Kenna & *K* Keith


  • David Carrol: Is there much of a competitive scene of any of these amazing games we play? (the way there is for video games)
  • Ryan: Not a Drow fan. With Tyrants of the Underdark coming out, do you think it’ll be able to transcend its theme like Waterdeep did?
  • Jesse Ferguson What does it take for you to get rid of a board game?
  • Jesse Ferguson: You’ve just walked out of the tattoo parlor with a brand new gaming-related tattoo. Where is it, and what does it look like?

Kickstarter Review: YAGER by Maribel Lopez

Yager titleIs this a game? Is it art? Can it be both? We don’t know! Yager is a quirky little woodcut game by first time designer Maribel Lopez. While this is a tiny little limited Kickstarter run that will certainly be able to reach fulfillment with access to a woodshop and some hard work, we’re not quite sure how much of a game this actually is. In Yager, you play the Cocori—four weird wooden pawns that feel a lot like those creepy woodland spirits in your favorite Miyazaki film. The Cocori wander around trying to avoid the Beast. But they might turn into it through clever and/or random game play? There’s also a Bird. The Bird might fly overhead and is probably spooky because it’s made out of origami? Or you can play the Environment?

Okay fine, you caught us. We know these are all pieces, but we don’t actually know how to play Yager. But as far as we can tell, neither does anyone else. However, as little as we know about it, the game has caught my eye. I’m a big fan of the artwork and the general design, and I’m willing to have this sit on my bookshelf if nothing else. I wish I was able to find out what it’s like, but the print run is already filled!

Check out the Yager campaign on Kickstarter or listen into Episode 170 (starts around 1:18:30) to learn more about what Kenna and I thought about this quirky little game!