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Session 42, with Special Guest Teos, and a great interview with Thomas Mason

*11/08/11 Hey Guys , Justin checking in and wanting to clear something up I am not sure what went wrong, but Rusted Heroes site is working fine, i suspect it was an issue on my end and you should defiantly go and check

Session 41, The most awesome RPG EVER reviewed in here, as well as other gaming news

Hey guys, Here come session 41, thanks as always for tuning in   General News Kickstarter Uprise Books Project need support Fantasy Flight Games announces the Merchant of Venus and duels with Stronghold Games for the rights White Wolf Staff reduced by 70% Elder Sign:

Session 40 , The Doubleclicks, Signal Fire Studios Contest, and a badger

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking out the podcast, here is what we talk about inside. During the break we play a great song from The Doubleclicks, for more of their music and information about them click here!! News Signal Fire Studios Tweet

Session 37, We talk gaming news from Fantasy Flight, Rio Grande , Dungeons and Dragons and more

Hey Guys, This week we have some more exciting news for you , also during the break and the outro of this week are songs from the Browncoat Mix Tape By Adam Warrock.. Check it out, it is a great hip

Session 36, more gaming news then you can shake a llama at

Hey Guys, Another great week of podcasting and gaming news.. This we .. we have more energy , which is always nice.. and we have a lot of stuff to share with you Board/Card Magic the Gatherings New Point System Mage

Session 35, Miniature, Board game, Card Game, Terraclips review

Hey guys, Welcome back to another episode of the Going Last Gaming Podcast, this week not alot to talk about , we got a couple of voicemails and chat about Terraclips News Ect. RPG now is having a 10th anniversary sale Board/Card