Episode 177

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Gaming News:

DMs Guild Masterpiece
Theme Song by Michael Iachini from @ClayCrucible Games!

Pickstarters: [K] Kenna & {R} Rich


  • No Beard the Pirate – At what point do you cut the cord of KS and just pick up the game in retail on say MM or CSI for up to 30% off KS price
  • Michael Iachini – Are your favorite games to play with two players: (A) Games that are two-player only, or (B) Games that can play more than two?     
  • Levi Mote – If you could only play 1 RPG setting (not system) forever, which one do you pick?


Episode 159

Hello Faithful Listeners! A joy to see you here again! A few things have changed around here since you were here last. We’ve renamed Week in Geek to Fortnight in Geekddom – seemed more accurate! We also have succeeded in creating another Pickstarter poll so you can chime in on your favorite! Then we have the usual tabletop news and kickstarter reviews. So much goodness!

Fortnight in Nerddom

Tabletop News:

Kickstarters: Pickstarter Picks: [K] Kenna & {R} Rich