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Session 68, Bacon, Pirates, and Gaming News

Hey Guys, This week was a little late, but here is what we did chat about.     Misc.- Dave Arneson’s personal gaming collection up for auction D&D shirt design contest Boy Scouts game design merit badge Zombie Dice game has sold 65k

Session 35, Miniature, Board game, Card Game, Terraclips review

Hey guys, Welcome back to another episode of the Going Last Gaming Podcast, this week not alot to talk about , we got a couple of voicemails and chat about Terraclips News Ect. RPG now is having a 10th anniversary sale Board/Card

Session 31, We talk GenCon , Dragonflight, Pax, with special guest Teos of Ashes of Athas

Hey Guys , For those honey badger and llama fans out there we have Teos on the show this week to talk Gencon, Dragonflight, and Pax as well as other none sense. News Kickstarter for Arena of Heroes Kickstarter for The

Session 29; Eclipse Phase Love with Octopuses, Monkeys with laser knives, and Red Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons

I am sure those of you at GenCon are having a blast , we wish we were there with you .. but the news never stops and this is what we chatted about this week. Neverwinter trailer;  Knights of Badassdom;   

Session 25, Happy 4th of July, and Gaming News

Hey Guys, Another action packed episode of gaming goodness. This week the first thing we bring up are some Awesome D20′s , followed by Warlord games looking for a Graphic designer, a Canadian company buys Z-Man Games, World Works games moving

Session 16, May of the Dead, Monster Trucks, Outbreak Undead Review, and Dungeons and Dragons news

Welcome to May of the Dead This week in Session 16 of the Going Last Gaming podcast we talk about our home gaming. News this week we talk about Free Comic Book Day Green Lantern Hero-Click , Gears of War Heroclix,