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Session 109, GenCon 2013 and we are Joined By Alice Lee and Shawn Merwin

Hey Guys, I know its been two weeks, but this episode is double stuffed with action. At the start of the show we are joined by Alice Lee from Girlfriend Mode and The Yearbook Office to talk about gaming at gencon,

Session 75, Teos Interview, and gaming news

Session 75 7/6/12, 971-266-4335 This week in gaming-    Precipice Misc.- Game Crafter steampunk design challenge Pathfinder goblin plush We Love Fine D&D shirt design contest D&D Next video contest ENnie Awards dream date Board and Card- Video overview for Heap Custom meeples

Session 65, Saw Blade Crossbows, Shadowrun, and more DnD

Welcome to Session 65, Glad you came back.. here is what we talked about this week. General Nonsense Someone Made a star Trek Phaser that really stuns Crossbow that shoots saw blades Misc. Adepticon 2012 player breakdown Monte Cook leaves D&Dnext

Session 63, Bar Tabs, Kickstarters and RPGS

Hey Guys, Thanks for dealing with us being late.. and hopefully this will make up for it ( likely not ) but anyway enjoy it as much as you can anyway..   Thanks, Justin     Board and Card Lords of

Adjusting 4e by adding Damage Threshold

So I like to borrow mechanics from other systems to improve on current games I am playing.  One mechanic that I am looking at including in a future 4th edition game is Damage Threshold from Starwars Saga Edition. I think this

Session 62, ECCC wrap up, Temple of Elemental Evil, and Degenesis RPG

Hey Guys, This week was a little late.. but i hope you enjoy .. thanks for listening.   Session 62 4/6/12, 971-266-4335 This week in gaming-   Played at Temple of elemental Evil Misc.-Game of thrones, ECCC  Geek & Sundry Tabletop Medieval manuscript