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Session 73, Monte Cook Interview and some news

Session 73 6/25/12, 971-266-4335 General Nonsense- Joe Cornish to Direct Snow Crash Misc.- Warhammer 40k 6th edition Rule books to come out June 30th Dungeons And Dragons 3 Trailer Board and Card- Smash Up Rulebook is not only and ready to check out

Session 71, an interview with Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestley

Session 71 6/07/12, 971-266-4335 This week in gaming- Cards Against Humanity, Lords of Waterdeep, Neuroshima Hex, 13th Age, D&DNext Misc.- · 2012 Annual Origins Award Winners · AEG will be sending their games to brick and mortar stores two weeks early

Session 70, Wonder Northwest Recap, a couple of reviews, and more monkeys

Misc.- Games Workshop Cracking down on 3d Printers The mimic dice bag is back Board and Card- Core Worlds: Galactic Orders Penny Arcade Themed booster for Munchkin In August Sewer Pirats from Fantasy flight games becomes available Also in August from Fantasy Flight

Session 32, Cipher Studios Looking for writers, Bushido Looking for artists, and Giant Monster Rampage Review

Hey Guys,      We got another action packed week, sady it is just me and Ian this week. Don’t fret , the podcast is still full of great information mixed with useless information, and I expect next week we will

Session 23, AEG’s new Ninja L5R boardgame, Occulites are Cute, and lots of miniatures

Hey Guys, Another week , and another Session of the Podcast for ya. This week we started off kinda, babbling about nothing, then we started into talking about Enlightend Grognard, then onto news from Fantasy Flight Games: Wings of War, Catalyst

Session 11, Care Bears, Eclipse Phase, Dungeons and Dragons, and Gamestorm Recap Oh My!

Howdy friends, We have another monumental session for you. This is Session 11. We are going to talk about the passing of the inventor of super glue and the artist behind the cover of The Keep on the Boarder Lands TSR mod. Then