Welcome to the Going Last May of the Dead blog carnival page. This month long celebration was started here in Portland, with a fairly direct name to get across the point – the undead. Being the huge nerds we are, we decided to bring May of the Dead to the internet.

So during the month of May, Going Last will host May of the Dead. We have gotten together with a host of super-talented bloggers, writers, artists, and gamers from across the internet. This page will serve as a collection of links, helping you to find all of the undead gaming goodness.

Below you’ll find a horde (see what I did there?) of awesome content, including lore, encounters, adventures, monsters for your favorite gaming system, tips on including horror in your home game, new PC options, a quick undead themed game – pretty much anything that includes the undead or horror.

May 31st
Beholder Pie wraps up May of the Dead with utility powers for the Death Knight (a Revenant racial variant). As if you didn’t already intend to play a Death Knight.

May 30th
D4sign creates a the Undeath Pact, a Warlock pact for playing a necromancer in 4E.

TheSheDM tells how she kicked off her campaign. Left for Undead is a far more interesting alternative to Meet in a Taven.

May 29th
Terrain Wench shows how she built a sarcophagus and hieroglyph tiles. It’s a quick and effective, and the techniques used are pretty accessible to terrain noobs.

Ryan Macklin again jones May of the Dead, and gives us a bit of insight into his thoughts about a game system for a horror RPG. This time he talks damage.

The Online Dungeon Master joins the horde, and presents a sequel to the LFR mod LURU 2-3 Forgotten Crypts, Hidden Dangers.

Teos Abadia, in his nonexistent spare time, authored the 4E adventure Last Stand at Camp Starfall. This draws influences from Expidition to the Barrier Peaks and Alien (among others), and this is entirely amazing. If you play only one published module this month, let this be the one.

Glimm’s Workshop blends two different carnivals; May of the Dead and the ongoing Game Night blog carnival. For this month’s Glimm tries out the Resident Evil deck building game.

May 28th
Walk in the Dark presents part one of The Dark Mistress Saga. The first segment of this 4E trilogy features the PCs rising up as level 0 commoners when the town heroes are out saving the day elsewhere. You’ll want to check this one out.

D&D Weekly reintroduces the world to a whole new level of terror, in Mikayrch the medusa demilich. You did read that right, and yes it deserves an “oh crap” moment.

T.W. Wombat introduces the world to deadweed, a semi-intelligent, symbiotic, undead plant that is the cause of new found terror along shipping lanes. The crunch is for 3.5, but the flavor is for everyone.

May 25th
Lillian Cohen-Moore presents estries, a form of vampire from Jewish lore. It’s an excellent piece for inspiration, and adaptable for any game system.

The Id DM writes about PC death, and the five stages of grief. A very useful read for any DM or player.

Menage a Monster recreates the coffer corpse for Pathfinder and 4E. If you’re not familiar with the coffer corpse, become familiar.

Papers & Pencils writes about vampires, and more specifically, vampires who abstain from blood and the effects there of.

Roving Band of Misfits creates a two-page mini delve. In Secret of the Pale Reaver the heroes get to deal with a ghost ship, and choking tentacles are involved. So that’s pretty great.

May 24th
Glimm’s Workshop puts together Kiraxisanth, the last child of Io. As the oldest dragon in the multiverse Kiraxisanth wields phenomenal power, and is sure to challenge players in games of 4E or AGE.

May 23rd
The Everygamer hops on again as a guest writer, presenting a short story.

Arcane Shield finishes the series of undead summons for 4E with epic tier wizard powers.

Blog of Holding reviews undead from the Fiend Folio, nothing the badass factor of each. He uses a very scientific method that rates each on a scale of one-to-five Skeletors.

May 22nd
David Flor presents a teaser for The Dark Mistress Saga. This teaser includes a monster template, and a couple of sample monsters for 4E.

DnDWeekly presents another fantastic adventure for 4E. This level 17 adventure has sharks, ghost pirates, and chariots – what more do you need?

Athas.org presents a classic Dark Sun location updated for 4E, updated by Geneome. This location, called The Dead Land, is somehow even more terrible and soul crushing than the rest of Athas. Have fun!

At the Table Games presents a short adventure for the Dungeon World RPG. This involves vampires, werewolves, ghosts, a town over run by monsters, a love triangle, and is entirely awesome.

The Learning DM reviews the Ravenloft Silver Anniversary, a classic AD&D book. Even with all of the undead and horror excellence being produced this month he managed to make me want to run out and buy that book. Oh, the maps that book mapped.

May 21st
That Robed Guys presents a rare magic item for 4E. This rod can give the wielder unparalleled control over the undead, which will be useful this month.

Lillian Cohen-Moore joins May of the Dead, and brings with her the dybbuk, a Jewish spirit known for possession. The twist with this spirit is that exorcism itself is not sufficient; one must also appease the dybbuk.

Extended Rest introduces the Librum Secerno for 4E. This tome is one of six in existence, and contains many of Vecna’s most secret teachings.

Casting Shadows produces a guide for creating an undead cult from scratch, especially one centered around a less-than-pleasant looking undead. Also included are stats for living zombies for Call of Cthulhu and Ubiquity.

May 18th
Glimm’s Workshop creates a cabal of vampires seeking to overthrow the region of Kraelund. Included are AGE and 4E stat blocks for the leader of the cabal, Lord Rohan Mellene.

Papers and Pencils writes up the tragic history of the Gorovik family, and details their crypt. This fluff is not tied down to any one system.

Roving Band of Misfits writes about building a paper craft ghost ship. And seeks help in choosing the right name!

May 17th
Crypt Thing creates The Lord of Rot, a fourthcore undead villain. It’s going to wipe the floor with some parties.

Arcane Shield continues the series of necromancy summons for 4E wizards, this time bringing you three undead creatures to call your own, and one zone.

Going Last hosts guest blogger The Everygamer, who writes about his love for RISK, and why it should include zombies.

May 16th
Ryan Macklin writes about properly presenting the threat in a horror game. On its own, the Threat should always succeed, and it is up to the players to figure out a way to make it fail.

The Mandragora writes about motivations for different types of undead. This crunchless piece can be useful for any setting or system.

Kev’s Lounge creates a set of papercraft caskets. Five are unsealed, and with the layered pdf you can create literally hundreds of different coffins. The download is free until the end of May.

Game Knight Reviews blogs about elements of comedic necromancy. It’s true! The undead don’t always have to be serious (Army of Darkness, I’m looking at you).

May 15th
Iain Lowson, creator of Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein, blogs about some of the politics fueling the world he created. You know, the world forever changed by history’s most famous necromancer.

Robert Adducci creates a pair of undead thri-kreen for 4E. Wait, what? Yes, zombie bug people indeed.

May 14
Fantasy Paper Miniature Models creates a pair of free minis. The first, is an undead clown. The second, a skeletal wolf.

That Robed Guy puts together PC templates for 4E. These quick fixes allow you to return your character to life as a ghost, vampire, skeleton, or zombie.

Dungeons and Drawings
illustrates the crypt chanter (well, three crypt chanters). These special wraiths can sing your PCs to death.

DnD Weekly creates a vampire. A deva vampire. With a rakshasa advisor. That’s pretty cool.

Geek Native creates the lesser gloom lich. A mysterious and powerful undead entity, this will make your players approach combat in a sideways fashion.

May 11th
Platonic Pornography writes some damn fine stories. This is one of them. If you like Adventure Land, Zombie Land, or excellence in general, check it out. Note, the site is safe for work.

Going Last draws up past editions and brings you an updated, lethal version of the banshee. Lethality seems to be a running theme…

Roving Band of Misfits provides you within an encounter to drop into any game. Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this pits the PCs against a shaman attempting to reanimate a corpse with primal energy in the middle of a storm. It’s pretty metal.

Papers & Pencils creates a host of undead magic items. These are not, as the one might imagine, magic items with ghastly aesthetics. No, these magic items are created from bits of the dead, empowered with negative energy for nefarious purposes.

D4sign finishes building the ultimate zombie hunter. Part five of this series looks at tactics, and the entire build process in one go.

Glimm’s Workshop brings you Krazka the Blightbringer. This orc villain, empowered by the Lord of Plagues, seeks revenge against those who butchered her home village. Stats are for AGE.

May 10th
Legend4ry reimagines the bodak for 4E. This brutal creature brings back true lethality to one of D&D’s most infamous monsters.

D4sign continues building the ultimate zombie hunter. Part four in the series looks at magic items and feat choices.

May 9th
Arcane Shield provides a few summoning powers to turn you 4E wizard into a necromancer. Apparently the undead can be your friends.

D4sign continues building the ultimate zombie hunter. Part three in the series takes a look at feats for your paladin.

The Hydra DM hacks up 4E and inserts some Spirit of the Century flavor. This blog will help you run a fast, fun, and exciting chase for your 4E heroes.

Billiam Babble of Inked Adventures whipped up a fantastic looking crypt for the carnival. The perfect location to fill with ghouls or zombies.

May 8th
Matt Dukes, writer for Critical Hits, introduces the world to the Pelorbell, a plant from the legends of Faerun. This appears to be a simple bright white sunflower by day, but during the night it can reflect light, focusing the illumination into beams of radiant energy. Plants vs Zombies anyone?

Going Last recreates the catoblepas for 4E, giving some of that old school lethality back to the death-cow. Death ray vision, petrification, and poison breath, oh my.

DnD Weekly presents a 4E adventure for 24th level PCs. This pits the heroes against a triumvirate of eladrin demiliches seeking to resurrect the Nerull, slain god of the dead.

Fantasy Paper Miniature Models whips up two paper craft undead monstrosities. A four-armed skeleton, and something far, far worse. Check these out.

D4sign continues breaking down the ultimate zombie hunter, a paladin. Part two of the series looks at power choices, focusing on those that will help you obliterate the undead.

May 7th
Casting Shadows writes a piece exploring the motivations behind the risen dead, and the true horror that lies in that state of unlife. Additionally, sample stat blocks Ubiquity and the Call of Cthulhu are provided.

D4Sign begins building the ultimate zombie hunter in 4E, beginning the series with an exploration of race and class.

Extended Rest builds a crypt worm for 4E. What’s crypt worm you ask? It’s just an undead dragon filled with a wight lord and his minions, driving the dragon’s corpse like some sick undead mech. Yeah, it’s pretty metal.

That Robed Guy presents the z-virus. This 4E disease represents the plague carried within the bite of your typical movie zombie.

May 4th
Papers & Pencils whips up 11(!) zombie variants for 3.5 or Pathfinder games. Ranging from exploding-death-ball zombies, to a variant inspired by 4E minions, these are sure to spice up any undead encounter.

Roving Band of Misfits puts together a couple of 4E powers for zombie minions. These powers give the minions the ability to keep on plodding forward, even when their bodies are being blasted apart. A fantastic way to get movie zombies into your game.

May 3rd
Crypt Thing produces room 1 of the Crypt of the Forgotten Lord. This four-way intersection floats above a (presumably) bottomless chasm, which is exactly how every dungeon wants to start.

Legend4ry re-imagines the ghoul and the wraith for 4E, bringing back ability score damage and level drain. These updated, old-school hacks are sure to leave even the most stalwart of adventurers quivering in fear (as the undead should).

Glimm’s Workshop introduces to us Doran, the Ghost King of Caldor’s Keep. Doran, written up as a villain for AGE and 4E, is a misremembered king seeking to regain his stolen throne.

May 2nd
Gujozec offers up a phenomenal blood knight and set of skeletons. These paintings have a certain nostalgia about them, reminiscent of the classics.

Going Last recreates a 3.5 monster – the quell. The original version of this monster could sever the connection between a cleric and its god. How might that function within 4E?

Geek Native brings us the Gloom Lich Grimoire: Blood Magic. This set of spells for 3.5 can give your monsters that extra edge that’ll really make players stop and think before charging into battle.

May 1st
Beholder Pie introduces the Death Knight to 4E. Written as a racial variant for the Revenant, the Death Knight allows players to take on the life on an undead warrior, cursed to wander forever, their soul trapped within a weapon.

Going Last begins their contribution with a zombie stat block inspired by the mother of all zombies – Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

DMG 42 brings us the D&D mini-game, Siege of Barovia. Take the role of a mighty hero, or Strahd himself in a battle for Barovia in this scaled up D&D adventure drew inspired by the classic adventures I6: Ravenloft and Expedition to Castle Ravenloft.

The horde includes:

If you’re interested in participating, or have questions about something you’ve seen, feel free to email me at ian@goinglast.net. If you don’t have your own blog, we can help with that.

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