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Session 130, Steve Ewoldt interview, Scrapyard Empire review, and gaming news

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late post, but better late than never, right? Anyway, this week we talk to Steve Ewoldt of Black Spot Games, creator of What the Flock as seen on Cards Against Humanity’s Tabletop Deathmatch. We also talk

Session 108, Clay Crucible Interview, Reviews, and Gaming News

Hey Guys, This week we interview Micheal Iachini of Clay Crucible games about his great game Chaos and Alchemy. We also get to review the new Lords of Waterdeep Expansion ” Scoundrals of Skullport” as well as John Kovalic’s ROFL from Cryptozoic

Session 104, Summer Tour Wrap-up and Gaming News.

Hey guys, We are back from tour and back to the show. Sorry for the long delay, as a special treat we have a new Doubleclicks song during the song break today. We also talk gaming news, tell you a little

Game Night Carnival For January 2012, Thunderstone

And here we are, back to the Game Night Blog Carnival, and what a game to come back with. Thunderstone has been a blast, and it is a game I would not regret having purchased*. At it’s core Thunderstone is a

Game Night Carnival for September , Roborally

Welcome to the new Game Night Blog Carnival!  This is a new feature we’re doing once a month with a few other RPG blogs.  If you have an RPG blog, and would like to participate, check out the FAQ at the main Game Night page.

Session 33, PAX catch up, Dungeons and Dragons Mega Review, Gardmore Abby, Modenkainen’s Magnificent Emportium, Neverwinter and more DnD Reviews

Hey guys, This is our Post PAX catch up special, hope you enjoy -Justin   PAX recap News Warlord Games Buys BEF Miniatures Board/Card Risk Legacy announced Timeline from Asmodee The Silver Tablet Print on demand expansion ready for Mansion of