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Episode 163

Episode 163

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery Codenames Pictomania Outer Earth Cultist of Kingsport Dungeons and Dragons Pathfinder: Society Hall of the Flesh Eaters Tabletop News: Kill Doctor Lucky Kodama: The Tree Spirits Board Game Bento Asmodee Games by the end of …
Daniel Solis Interview

Special Interview with Daniel Solis!

We had the absolute privilege of sitting down with Daniel Solis for an hour. Daniel is a game designer well known for being open to discuss all parts his process and this interview is no exception! We get into everything from mechanics vs. theme …
Episode 162 of GoingLast

Episode 162

Rich and I have been gaming up a storm, thanks to Jonathan H. Lui of GeekDad.com! We got to try several kickstarter games that aren’t out yet and some new games that are freshly out. As always we also have plenty of …