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Session 124, Boyan The Gamesmith interview to talk Pirate Den

Hey Guys!, This week we have Boyan from The Gamesmith games to talk about his newest Kickstarter, Pirate Den. Pirate Den is a great bluffing game where you take the role of pirates and you attempt to out bluff your opponents

Session 123, JCCC 4, and Gaming News

Hey Guys, This week we talk all kinds of gaming news, and Aubrey and I talk a little bit about our trip on the Jonathan Coulton Cruise Crazy this past week. Some of the things we cover in this weeks show

Session 122, gaming news and Brian Paterson interview!

Hey Guys, We may be at JoCo with out new friend Brian Paterson, but you get to hear us chat with him now! We talk kickstarter, D20monkey, and going on the boat! We hear a great new song about Tabletop from

Session 121, Gaming News and Kickstarter Previews

Hey Guys, I really feel like we have gotten our groove with the great new Co-host Kenna ( of Geek Portland ), and Engineer Aubrey ( The Doubleclicks ) continues to astonish me with how great she makes us sound. This

Session 120, So much Gaming News and Kickstarters!

Hey Guys, Sorry it took so long to get this show up for your consumption, but we had some tech difficulties. ┬áThis week we didn’t have a guest but we talked about a whole mess of gaming news. Also this week

Session 119, We Return with an interview with Tracy Barnett

We have once again hit the air wave and he was hit it hard! This week we are joined by our new Co-Host Kenna of www.geekportland.com and our fantastic engineer Aubrey is still working the dials. This week we got a