• 137

    Session 137, Exploding Rogue interview and Gaming News!

    Hey Guys, This week we have the guys, Tracy Barnett and Brian Patterson, from Exploding Rogue on the show to talk about their latest kickstarter, Karthun. We are absent our engineer Aubrey as she is on tour this week, but she was awesome enough to edit the podcast so we all still sound great as […]

  • Session 136, Returning after a break with Gaming News

    Hey Guys, Welcome to session 136 of the GoingLast Podcast, it has been a few weeks since out last show, so this week we spend a little time catching up and talking about all the great gaming news. We are happy to be back and looking forward to giving you more good stuff. Anyway, here […]

  • 135

    Session 135, GenCon Wrap up, JR Ralls of Dark Dungeons, and Gaming News

    Hey Guys, This week we are back from GenCon, and we will tell you a little about what all we did there. We also have JR Ralls on the show to talk about his new movie based on the Chick Track “ Dark Dungeons“. If you are in the area of Lake Oswego in Oregon, […]

  • 134

    Session 134, We chat with Philip duBerry and Gaming News

    Hey Guys! Here we are once again with an exciting episode we chat with game designed Philip duBerry check out all his cool stuff at www.phantasiogames.net/ . We also talk about all kinds of game news! Show notes to follow. Gaming News: Next Game in Tempest Universe: Patronize DC Comics Deck-building Game Crisis Expansion Pack 1 Preview […]

  • 133

    Session 133 We are joined by Alphastream to talk DnD and Gaming News

    Hey Guys, Welcome to session 133, we chat with Teos this week about all sorts of Dungeons and Dragons, and even more types of gaming news. Thanks again for joining us, and here are the show notes!   Teos Interview  Excellent analysis by Rob Donoghue  Shawn Merwin wrote Defiance in Phlan, series of adventures running at […]

  • 132

    Session 132, Ryan Macklin returns and Gaming News

    Hey Guys, Welcome back to another session of the GoingLast podcast, this week we talk gaming news, chat about the games we played this week, and most importantly we have Ryan Macklin back on the show to talk about Backstory Cards!   Gaming News: Paizo Announces that it is going to do a Org Play […]

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