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Kenna Conklin [@goinglast] is a jack-of-all-games. All are welcome at her table – board, card, RPG, you name it! She has presented panels on taking on a chance on yourself and your passion projects at PAX Prime and Geek Girl Con, entitled “It’s Not Too Dangerous to Go Alone“. Her first passion project was the creation of GeekPortland.com – a geek calendar for the Portland Metro area. Now, GoingLast is her focus as she strives to make games and the gaming industry accessible to others.

Richard Malena [@rmalena] Teacher by day, game master by night, Rich spent the last ten years analyzing games. As a high school math teacher, he teaches courses on Game Theory, Statistics and Cryptography. As a gamer he writes puzzles for competitive puzzling events, contributes to games like Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow’s WalkPathfinder, and Phoenix: Dawn Command, and has even starting presenting his theories on games as the host of Atomic Game Theory and at conventions across the country (Pax Dev). Rich is also the co-host of Gosh Darn Fiasco, improvising a comic story of conflict, hilarity, and almost certain death. It’s safe to assume games are on Rich’s mind all the time.



Justin Turner [@ToHitAC] has been a tabletop gamer for most of his life, starting with Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade  It wasn’t too long after that he was playing war games, board games and anything he could get his hands. He started GoingLast in 2011 and has since been featured on several other podcast as a RPG or Pirate expert. Justin has been involved with play-testing  reviewing, and editing games; including the organized play campaign Ashes of Athas. Justin retired from GoingLast on Episode 143.

Ian Ramsey [@reg06], is the other founding host of GoingLast. Ian helped create the podcast and was on for 90 episodes before Justin drove him to the Army.


Former Hosts and Guest Hosts:

Aubrey Webber [@AubreyCello] is one half of the sister duo that is The Doubleclicks. She is an amazing producer, audio engineer and cellist. Find out more at thedoubleclicks.com!

Angela Webber [@angelamwebber] is one half of the sister duo that is The Doubleclicks. She is a talented musician, songwriter, and event organizer. Her event organization skills can be seen at #NerdNightOut, a successful geek/nerd themes comedy event featuring musician and comedians. She also directs and stars in the webseries Catty B’s which can be found at cattybs.com.

Teos Abadia [@alphastream] is a fantastic freelance writer for Wizards of the Coast, administrator for the successful Ashes of Athas organized play campaign, and all around game enthusiast. Teos created Alphastream.org to discuss his campaigns, authoring and DMing techniques, favorite RPG tools, and the appreciation he has for the history of RPGs.

Jeremiah Shepersky [@obliviouswit] is a long time friend of the show, part-time do-gooder, and ethical rapscallion. When not goofing around- well, okay, he’s always goofing around, but he also co-hosts the What Could Go Wrong podcast.

Shads Shadwick [@Shadsbat] is an amazing board game enthusiast and an organizer behind one of the largest game night in Portland.

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