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Launched back in 2016, the Dungeon Master’s Guild is an opportunity for anyone to write and publish their own adventures and supplements for Dungeons and Dragons. The Guild provides a central marketplace for all of these products and a license that allows authors to use the current campaign worlds of Forgotten Realms and Ravenloft. Authors can price their products however they like and receive 50% return on every sale. It’s incredible and I’ve been obsessed with it since DMs Guild was first announced.

Every week since July 2016, I’ve reviewed one product from the DMs Guild and proclaimed it a Masterpiece! Finding incredible content on the Guild is ridiculously easy because the folks who love D&D make sure to take great care to create something amazing. If you haven’t spent time scrolling through page after page of ridiculously cool D&D books, I highly recommend it!

Throughout the month of January, this post will be constantly updated with a list of reviews for the products I’ve loved the most on the Guild, because these products deserve more attention! Keep checking back as this list is likely to get pretty long…

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Are you a 5E D&D Superfan? Then the DMs Guild is for you! Check out this marketplace of fantasy ideas for the latest in what D&D fans are writing, all using an official license from Wizards of the Coast and the official Forgotten Realms setting! Every episode, Rich scours the Guild for the most clever and ingenious options to add to your campaign. 

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