Guest Episode: Kenna on The Cardboard Herald

Hi all! Sadly, this week’s episode had to be trashed and it’s all my fault. Some how I didn’t record through my microphone. And it turns out laptop mics (especially when you’re not being mindful of bumping things) do not make high enough quality recordings for podcast production.

Luckily for me, and you, friend of the show Jack Eddy of The Cardboard Herald was willing to share his latest podcast episode featuring an interview with me!

The Cardboard Herald is a great website and set of podcasts worth adding to your gaming rotation! Jack has two podcasts, one focused on game reviews and one featuring great interviews with game creators. He also has blog posts and videos with game reviews. So much content!

So, enjoy this sample of The Cardboard Herald as I sit down with Jack to talk comics, reviews and how to make gaming welcoming!


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