Special Interview: Illimat with Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis

We sit down with Keith Baker and Jenn Ellis of Twogether Studios to discuss their upcoming game, Illimat. Long referred to as Project 12, Illimat is a beautiful collaboration with the band, The Decemberists. Once upon a time, the band put a strange piece of set dressing into a photo shoot—an intriguing and arcane parlour game plucked out of an earlier age. Years later, the band approached Keith to see if he could make a game from the mysterious board and Illimat was born!

Blending classic card game mechanics with the Decemberists’ other wordly vibe, Illimat feels like a relic of a time gone by. During the interview we delve into the unusual request of designing from a component and how Illimat evolved from its humble four quadrants. We also learn some insider knowledge about the upcoming Kickstarter, launching October 4th, to fund the publishing of the game.

Join us as we uncover the mysterious Illimat!

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