DMs Guild Masterpieces: 5E Player Cheat Sheet

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.34.32 PMI’m a big fan of introducing games to new players. Whether that’s running Pathfinder Society or Phoenix: Dawn Command, or even just Settlers of Catan, I want to bring my love of games to someone who’s never seen it before. And an amazing trend in board gaming is to create a brief rules summary that every player can keep in front of them during the game. Finding out the solution for yourself is always a better option than simply being told the answer… I mean, that’s a professional teacher answer, sure. But since I’m a professional teacher, there you are.

So look, RPGs. Your books are enormous. Massive. And while that gives me so many options to play with, it also gives me too many choices to show to a new player before the first session. I need help. I need a document that’s short and outlines the important rules a new player is likely to need in a game.

I need the D&D 5E Player’s Cheat Sheet by Sean Wickett.

This document is a single page, front and back, which outlines most of the rules your character will need in a combat situation. All of the Actions, Conditions, Spell Effects, and more are all laid out in a simple fashion where anyone can find their answers in record time. Even for experienced players, it’s such a handy reference that I know I’ll be printing it out every time I play from now on.

Is there anything new in this guide? Absolutely not, but that was never the intention. The Cheat Sheet is just the simplest reference outside of memorizing the PHB that I’ve ever seen. And with its clear layout and structure, it’s a steal at a Pay What You Want price. This may be the most useful document I’ve grabbed yet from DMs Guild.

The D&D 5E Player’s Cheat Sheet is an excellent resource for DMs and players alike who just want to reference the rules in a quick and easy fashion. Listen in for more on why it caught my eye in Episode 174!


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  1. Thanks, Rich, for the kind words about the Cheat Sheet! I really appreciate the feedback. I’m gonna keep checking out the podcast. Good stuff!

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