DMs Guild Masterpieces: Bringing your Characters to the Forest!

SAdditional Archetypes screenshotince 5E has been out for more than a year and a half, I’ve had plenty of great opportunities to jump in and play all of the amazing character classes that were designed in the Player’s Handbook. And my favorite part is when I get to make them special. That moment when you get to pick a domain, school, or archetype just feels fantastic. Finally, my character does what I’ve always wanted them to do! My rogue? Nay, foolish reader. Don’t you mean my arcane trickster? Or my assassin? But here’s the thing. I’ve already built my assassin. And my arcane trickster. So what’s the fun of playing a rogue again?

Oh, because someone made some new options for every character class. PERFECT. Tell me more!

My favorite offering on DMs Guild at the moment is Additional Archetypes by Kyle Consolver, featuring TWELVE brand new subclasses! This outstanding pdf has new options for the Bardic College of Dance, Arcane Archers, Clerics of the Hunt, Shadow Warlocks, and my all-time favorite, the Wizardly School of Botany. You can tell that Kyle was missing some Nature influences in the PHB, because this book is chock full of them.

If you’re looking for real game-changers, this book has a couple interesting options. Not all of these options shine quite as brightly as the rest, but this is absolutely the right level of new content I’m looking for. And the price? $1. You just can’t beat that.

Listen in for more on why Additional Archetypes caught my eye in Episode 170!


Are you a 5E D&D Superfan? Then the DMs Guild is for you! Check out this marketplace of fantasy ideas for the latest in what D&D fans are writing, all using an official license from Wizards of the Coast and the official Forgotten Realms setting! Every episode, Rich scours the Guild for the most clever and ingenious options to add to your campaign. 

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