Special Interview – Mike Selinker for The Ninth World

Friend of the show, Mike Selinker, is back – and his stories are as amazing as ever! We spend this hour talking about Lone Shark Games‘ upcoming collaboration with Monte Cook Games: The Ninth World! Set in the world of Numenera, players embark on an adventure to collect relics, fight beasts and return to civilization. Our conversation covered the games conception by Paul Petersen and Boyan Radakovich, the team up with Monte Cook Games, and how tackling publishing games can make even a veteran designer feel like a rookie in the game industry.

As an added bonus, Mike reveals the secret question Lone Shark Games uses to interview perspective employees!

Lastly, here is the link to The Ninth World’s BoardGameGeek page (where you can find the Print and Play version in the Files section), and a link to the Google Doc where you can send them your feedback after giving it a try! Enjoy!


(1)  What color Meeple do you typically choose?   Whatever is closest

(2)  What is a favorite entry level game for new gamers?   Bohnanza

(3)  Who is a game designer that has your attention right now?   Vlaada Chvátil

Hear more from Mike Selinker on his answers to The Three in our interview!

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