Special Interview – Jason Tagmire

Jason Tagmire is the powerhouse behind game publisher Button Shy Games. Best known for their wallet series (micro 19-card games), they are now delving into even smaller games via their Patreon. Teaming up with 12 game designers, they are unleashing a Postcard Game series based on classic cult movies. When Tagmire isn’t teaming up with other designers to publish their games, he’s teaming up with other publishers to design for them. We had a great time digging into comparing big publisher versus the very small, designing to intentional constraints and much more!

Please enjoy our hour with Jason Tagmire!
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Designed and Self Published as Button Shy Games:


(1)  What color Meeple do you typically choose?   Yellow. Always.

(2)  What is a favorite entry level game for new gamers?   Survive!

(3)  Who is a game designer that has your attention right now?   Rob Daviau

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