Special Interview – James Ernest

This week we were fortunate to sit down and chat with James Ernest, master game designer and founder of Cheapass Games. We figured it was a good time to talk, since James is currently Kickstarting the 19.5th Anniversary Edition of Kill Doctor Lucky. However we were also sure to find out the latest on Tak, the upcoming abstract strategy game based on the Kingkiller Trilogy by Patrick Rothfuss, as well as talk about the ambitious Titans of Gaming series by Calliope Games.

While we talked about specific games, make sure to listen in for the most prolific one-man-game-studio ever discuss his thoughts on publishing, the changing games market, and his schedule which is so jam packed he can’t even take time to juggle. How sad is that?

Plus, it’s the start of a new era! James is our first contestant on “The Three!”

Ps. As promised, here is a link to Cheapass Games Free Games page!


(1)  What color Meeple do you typically choose?   White

(2)  What is a favorite entry level game for new gamers?   Pairs

(3)  Who is a game designer that has your attention right now?   Rob Daviau

Hear more from James Ernest on his answers to The Three in our interview!

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