Episode 163

Another day, tons more games! We have tons to cover including our latest playthrus, upcoming kickstarters and your questions!

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two Sennights in Sorcery

Tabletop News:

Kickstarters: Pickstarter Picks: [K] & {R}


  • The Dapper DM: most intense moment in a board/card/social game?
  • No Beard Pirate: do you have a creator/designer that is a no questions asked  buy it whey they put a game out? (Pathfinder doesn’t count lol)
  • No Beard Pirate: (R) when rolling and playing your D&D/Pathfinder character, how into it do you get, voices, gestures, clothing..?
  • WhoWhatWhy: What makes a game fun? What mechanics are a turnoff in a game? Favorite dexterity game? How many runs will the Mets end with?
  • Daniel Solis: What are your favorite games to relax? For ex, even party can be stressful if they put you on the spot. What’s good for chill?
  • Alphastream: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if it was in A) DnD or Pathfinder, B) Shadowrun, C) FATE, D) FIASCO ?

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