Episode 161

We have been RPGing up a storm! D&D! Pathfinder! Phoenix! We never stop! Except for when we get our hands on some fun new board games! Some BIG tabletop news to cover this week. Along with some kickstarters we are in <3 with!

Don’t forget to hit that Pickstarter poll! We want to see what your favorites are!

Fortnight in Nerddom, Two SennNights in Sorcery

Tabletop News:

Kickstarters: Pickstarter Picks: [K] Kenna & {R} Richard


  • NoBeardPirate: Do you support buying games in retail locations as opposed to online markets such as Amazon? Sometimes the savings are too good.
  • NoBeardPirate: what is your favorite Kickstarter board game you have backed?
  • ftcup: Paizo releases a lot of content, and we all assume {R} is up on all of them. What are you looking forward to most?
  • TheDapperDM: What’s your favorite board game to play outside? Assume we’re talking about Portland, so covered, but no protection from “breezes”
  • Alphastream: If you could go to one bar from any movie or tv show, which would it be?


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  1. A couple thoughts:
    (1) Did y’all notice that the neoprene terrain is for Warmahordes? As in the sizes and names are all specifically the things used in that game? I assumed so, but then at the end Kenna made a comment about “then these last things are more wargamey” so I wasn’t sure.
    (2) Our department’s go-to drinking game the past few years has been Cheers, Guvna. The rules we use are “Count to 14, but instead of 7 you say 14, instead of 14 you say “Cheers, guvna!” and everyone drinks. The person who says Cheers then makes a new rule about a single number that doesn’t already have a rule. If someone screws up, then they drink, and restart it at 1.”
    (3) For outside events, I tend to bring La Boca and Coup. Both have not many blowable things, and those things don’t have to be often referenced. I also bring Timeline, but that’s a bit more blowable. (I should also note outside events are usually board-games-at-picnics, not board game-centric things, so I also skew lighter.)

    • (1) I definitely did not know the neoprene terrain was for Warmahordes… because I had never heard of Warmahordes! LEARNING 🙂
      (2) Sounds like this game is already out there then. The kickstarter is just a formalized version.
      (3) I’ve seen La Boca, but never played it. You’re right, it would be windproof!

  2. You may mix and match the crews of the enterprise as you like. Its listed at the end of the rules. I would suggest that you make sure you always include a captain because they have some of the better abilities and a doctor so you can heal injuries. Otherwise go for it and have fun!

    David E. Whitcher

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words about How To Kill A Spider!!! So glad it made you laugh! Look forward to sending your copy out.

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