Special Tabletop News Interview – Phoenix: Dawn Command

This week we’ve got something a little extra for you, as we meet up with Keith Baker and Dan Garrison to chat about their new role-playing game Phoenix: Dawn Command. Both the unique themes and the mechanics have enthralled Kenna and I for months now and kept us involved as avid playtesters. And on April 6th, you will get the opportunity to support this amazing game as the Kickstarter goes live!

Listen in and get the scoop on this great new RPG! For the latest updates, check out Twogether Studios (@twogetherstudio). The kickstarter ends May 6, 2015.

UPDATE: Rich has also been creating great walkthough videos to give you a behind the scenes look at the game before it comes out. He provides breakdowns on the actual mechanics of the game to give you a feel of what makes Phoenix so unique!

Character Creation:

Skill Spreads:


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