Session 145 Tabletop News with guest Mike Selinker

When Mike Selinker asks to come join in studio, we say, “HECKA YEAH”! Then we buy him a drink and try to get every secret out of him we can! Learn about several upcoming projects including Pathfinder ACG, his next interactive novel and behind the scenes of the CAH 10 Days or Whatever of Kwanzaa Puzzle. We also cover all the latest Tabletop News and Kickstarters. Checkout the links below for more info on all the things we cover in this EPICLY* long session!

-Kenna & Rich

Week In Geek:

Tabletop Gaming News:


Interview with Mike Selinker of Lone Shark Games:

*Totes a word.

This episode’s break music is “I Wanna Live in a World Full of Heroes” by Kirby Krackle.

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